KMS 2022-2023 (Kharif)

Procuring States23
Reported States22
Reported Districts609


Farmers Registered1,52,87,641
Farmers Benefitted1,10,55,061
Quantity Procured (MT)7,71,10,645.11
MSP Benefitted Farmers1,07,89,264
MSP Payment Made (in Cr.)1,50,946.29

Procurement Centres

No. of Procurement Centres (Planned)47448
No. of Procurement Centres (Transacted)34,908
No. of Agencies (Planned)79
No. of Agencies (Transacted)67

Farmers - Land Ownership Category

Marginal(below 1 ha.)76,86,753
Small(> 1 ha. and < 2 ha.)43,48,738
Semi-Medium(> 2 ha. and < 4 ha.)25,08,754
Medium(> 4 ha. and < 10 ha.)10,71,480
Large(> 10 Ha.)1,98,826

Farmers - Cultivation Category

Cultivating on Owned Land1,33,44,371
Cultivating on Leased Land3,88,647
Cultivating on Rented Land16,79,909
Involved in Shared Cultivation10,06,654

Last Reported Date

Farmers Registration01-Sep-23
MSP Payment22-Sep-23
Paddy Lifting04-Oct-23
CMR Reported03-Oct-23